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Is it true that any one can make money doing blogging?

The answer is Yes! Blogging is an art of writing, if you like doing the art of writing you can make money from doing blogging. But it is not easy to make big money every month from the blogging. Don’t start writing on blog just thinking only money. Money may be start coming from 3 or 4 months, but always think it’s a long-term goal.

I know some good writers are from advertising industry started blogging and in a couple of months they lost their interest in blogging. While I was discussed about it they don’t have much time to wait to their blog to popular or they don’t article are not indexing in google in 3 months’ time. They are making good money from advertising agency and they don’t want to spend more time in to it.

Yes, this is also a fact lots of people started to write blog and left over in the beginning itself. I believe it’s because of their lack of knowledge about blogging and the future potential of a blog.

There are some people tried little more and added some braking news on their blog weekly and started sharing on social media platform. They earned some clicks and impressions buy they disappointed with their total earnings and slowly shifted their writing skills to something else.                 

It’s a sad news that 70% new bloggers stop their blogging at the first year itself. Mostly it in the time of the domain and hosting renewal. The rest of the 30% bloggers to the next step that “keep writing”

Now let’s talk about the 30% people who still do the blog writing. They are in the right way. Yes! They are going to make money from internet while doing blogging.

Now let’s come to the point. How? How we can make money from blog?

Let’s start. I am not writing here that how to start a blog, because this article is for the bloggers already started blogging and still not successes in financially. (if some want to know how to start a good blog, just write in the comment box. I will add another article for them)

I know you must be tried lots of options to get traffic to your but not getting enough to make some money the blog, right?

Just focus on some points and see the difference in the next 2 year. I believe if you follow this guidance maybe you can make up to 1000 USD in a month.

I started blogging in 2004. There was not much information in the net to help bloggers I did lots of experiments and most of the time it was big fail. But I didn’t give-up corrected my error and finally made it success!

The first big challenge is getting blog approval from AdSense. The bog design is very important as well as the quality content. (This will explain in my next post. Because this article is for bloggers who already got the approval and ding to get traffic to make money) 

Every blog’s heart is the organic traffics from search engines. A blog without traffics from search engine is like dead blog. So, let’s give life to your blog, get traffic from search engines.

How to get good traffics to your blog from search engines?

Tough job! But you can achieve it by dedication hard work and with deep knowledge about blogging. Ready for dedication and hard work? then The Bloggers Nation will give you the all guidance for your success!

What I noticed is that most of the bloggers copy political news from news paper and doing the re writing with soft wears to make plagiarism free and publishing their blog. If you are doing the same, just stop it!

Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo are always need the unique quality content to bring it in the search result. So, do you think your software made content come in the first 10 page of any search result?   

Be a unique blogger - write original content.

The next thing that I noticed in most of the blog that don’t have traffic from search engine is that content have not connectivity each other. If a blog has 100 articles in it all are different subjects. One article about the minister corruption other one is about the latest fashion show and another one about makes money online. It’s another big issue. How search engine found your fashion article and display in the top search list? Come on! There are 1000 of fashion-based blogs keep adding articles and news about fashion and of course the search engine brings the content focused blog result in the top.     

Choose you niche. Don’t go for general like fashion or traveling it’s had 1000 of blog’s already in the online world. Let’s focus of small unique stuff. May be about your local palace (you are the only one must be writing about the place and you can get all search about it) or may be about a homemade product.

Whatever you add on the blog make it unique and keep adding related article based on your niche keyword. If you can add 2 articles every week, in the next 6 month you see getting result from the search engine.

Next question is what I should write on the blog?

When it comes to the content niche, their two question’s will rise. Should I go based on search volume? Or based on High CPC? Or the smart way like high CPC keyword with high volume search?

Most of the blogger try to hunt the keyword niche that high CPC with large volume search. OK. Let them go behind it, you don’t try to hunt them. There will be millions of bloggers in the hunter list. A new blogger to world top news publications in the list. So, try to getting in to the huge hunter list won’t make any sense.

Now your call to finalize your keyword niche. Find out couple of keywords have decent search volume from same niche. Keep writing in the same keywords, the result will follow.

What else I should after posting an article on the blog?

Next stage the article should index in the search engines. Every search engine has webmaster tools. You can create free account in each webmaster tolls with your emails. Once you are in, you can submit your article links to webmaster to index in search engines.

In two weeks’, time search engines index your link and you keep add on your new articles link in webmaster to get your keywords on top is search results.    

Some readers may be thinking that he is already doing it but my keywords not yet come in the first page yet. There is chance for it, because it needs some good quality backlinks to support the lift. OK, lets connect the blog with some quality backlinks.

High Quality free backlinks for blog






These five quality backlinks will give some power to your keywords. There are some online news portal and high DA blogs are providing paid backlinks to your content. If you have a budget to invest for backlinks you can get good offers on fiverr.

This are the fist steps to get in to the blogger world and very soon bloggers nation will come up with the next steps for the civilians in The Bloggers Nation. Keep watch the nations updates to move forward.

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